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  • ZhouZhuang - Venice of the East

    15 August 2009, by Mentom
    The working week is over, it is Friday evening and while having the unavoidable "TsingTao and beef spicy-very-spicy" dinner with the collegues, I meditate about what to do on the weekend in Shanghai. Staying in the dusty and sunburned city itself is not really an option, beside the heat and the pollution, I visited most of the city already. Then ... why not another weekend as a "tourist in the ancisent town"?
    Zhou Zhuang, the "water city", or also called the "Venice of the East", is a 90 (...)  continue continue
  • Cheung Chau Island

    31 juillet 2009, par Mentom
    Hong Kong me parait toujours d’etre "le Paris de l’Asie", une ville avec un charactere, avec un "quelque chose" qu’on peut difficilement decrire ou attacher a des faits concrets. Compare avec Hong Kong, le Singapour semble offrir nettement moins. Peut etre c’est du au charactere montagneux et la superbe baie de Hong Kong. Peut etre aussi du au concert des lumieres jusqu’a la plus petite ruelle, et ses magasins et restaurants qui tournent non-stop.
    Quoi qu’il en soit, etre "coince" pour un (...)  suite suite
  • Jungle beans

    15 July 2009, by Mentom — 4 Forum messages
    This week I am back home in Singapore, and the good news is, no work
    I am on leave!
    Due to the H1N1 related risk and travel complications, I finally decided to stay simply at home and catch up with some long-pending things to finish. Well..but it’s also holidays so I used the time to explore another jungle area. Singapore is a very green city and out of the door you can be in 10 minutes under a green canopy and when walking another 20 minutes you are then deep in the forest.
    Today I (...)  continue continue
  • Singapore Sundown Marathon, may 2009

    2 juillet 2009, par Mentom — 1 Message
    Ca y est ! J’ai (enfin, diraient certains !) couru mon premier marathon ! M’enfin, "couru"... (diraient certains). Quoi qu’il en soit, j’ai un joli T-shirt "Sundown Marathon Finisher 2009" et il est a moi !
    Les semaines precedentes je me suis moderement entraine, "half-hearted" comme on dirait en Anglais. Quelques entrainements par ci, quelques entrainements par la. Les 15-18 kilometres du dimanche matin me paraissent toujours assez durs, et la perspective de courir presque le triple de cette (...)  suite suite
  • Measuring the World, Daniel Kehlmann

    14 June 2009, by Mentom
    This weekend I really took my time "off", what did not happen for a long period of time. I left the laptop and the cell phone in the suitcase, and went exploring some hiking trails on islands around Hong Kong. Taking my time sitting at remote beaches led to all sorts of reflections, some of which I decided to put into action, starting today.
    The first one was to always put some sun cream, even if the sky looks cloudy. I always forget that one and again I am looking at a lobster in my mirror (...)  continue continue

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