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Mentom - Singapore 2012

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  • Jurong Lake Run, July 2011

    20 August 2011, by Mentom
    As always, I am catching up with events : everything is happening so fast this year. The running training sessions are still very sparse, and the next half-marathon is already at the doorstep, in two weeks time. In fact, it seems the races themselves are solely my training units.
    Back to July: my last 10km run was the Jurong Lake run. Finally a race course at the West coast, which is conveniently located (for some!). At last i don’t need to wake up at 4 or 5am to get a cab to the city and (...)  continue continue
  • 1km

    7 July 2011, by Mentom
    Last weekend I did something I haven’t done since my early childhood: walking on railway tracks. It brought back some distant happy child memories : memories of walking in a forest along old, rusty unused rails; already partly covered with vegetation.
    Now, Singapore is not exactly the place to re-live such experiences: there is little place for "old" here. Buildings having ten years or more are considered obsolete and whatever has a twenty years or more is scrapped in a snap to be able to (...)  continue continue
  • Run 350 - Singapore Marina Bay

    17 April 2011, by Mentom
    Today it was time for a small "warm-up" race since the Sundown marathon is approaching fast : the so-called "run 350" race organized by NTUC. For the non Singaporeans, NTUC is the only (pro-government) trade union of Singapore, after the left-wing one has collapsed with the arrest of it’s leaders during the government’s operation Coldstore in 1963. In the same time, NTUC runs a supermarket chain where I buy my groceries.
    Not sure if organizing the race is more linked to the upcoming (...)  continue continue
  • Malacca - Chinese wedding and Portuguese flair

    10 April 2011, by Mentom
    In August 1511, a portuguese force of about 1200 men on more then a dozen ships set sail to and conquered Malacca. The Sultan of Malacca fled; but keep harassing the invaders for about 15 years, by attacks from both land and sea. About 150 years later, the Dutch defeated the Portuguese with the help of the Sultan of Johore. Finally, Malacca was ceded to the British in 1824 and became part of Malaysia after the Second World war when they in turn packed their bags.
    About 500 years later, (...)  continue continue
  • Taxi to volcano then? - Bali in 7 days - Part 3

    30 January 2011, by Mentom
    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary The Monkey Forest is part of the "classics" of Ubud. For one, it is within the town area, thus not requiring any taxi or similar transportation service. For two, it has an official entrance fee that does not need to be "negotiated".
    According to the Internet, a Hindu temple existed on this site since the 14th century. The actual temple constructions however, although looking very old, date only several years back. The climate and probably the deterioration of (...)  continue continue

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