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  • Lost in translation

    11 octobre 2008, par Mentom
    Oh...oh, vacances ! Il est temps de faire les valises. Le dernier mail ecrit, PC et telephone eteints (miracle, miracle, le silence s’installe). Direction Changi airport, flight SQxxx bound for Tokyo... D’un seul coup la mauvaise conscience me rappelle les lecons de japonais qui n’ont jamais vraiment decollees.. Trop tard. Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent over Tokyo, the weather is clear and the temperature is 22 degrees... domo arigato gosaimas.
    Lost in translation. (...)  suite suite
  • Hungry ghosts getting ecological

    5 octobre 2008, par Mentom
    This time of the year we are rushing from Holiday to Holiday. Just finished off with the Ramadan, already looking forward to the Hindi Deepavali ("festival of light"). And some weeks ago, all Singapore was beeing hold up by an army of Hungry Ghosts.
    This popular chinese celebration happens on the 7th month of the lunar calendar, and is taken very seriously in China, Taiwan and Singapore. It is believed by the Chinese that during this month, the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry (...)  suite suite
  • F1..F10..Escape !

    28 septembre 2008, par Mentom
    A perfect race in a perfect city
    This morning I find an unusual edition of the daily free newspaper "Today" in front of my door. The title of the 30 -pages special edition is "Tonight Singapore makes history". What is this all about ?
    Ah yes right, swallowing my morning coffee, I realize that the long announced and advertised, THE event is finally due today : the world’s first night Formula 1 race. Right here, next door, 20 mins of MRT ride to the Central Business District.
    Endless (...)  suite suite
  • Nike Human Race - aug 2008

    1 September 2008, by Mentom
    Apres plusieurs mois des quasi-inactivite (mon moyen de transport principal etant avion et taxi) et beaucoup de mauvaise conscience j’avais enfin repris les entrainements un peu plus reguliers - jogging le matin avant le boulot (on ne s’y habitue jamais) et deux sorties un peu plus longues dans la jungle - midi dans la semaine et tot le matin le weekend...
    Petit a petit la forme est revenue...surtout grace a mon collegue qui s’entraine pour un objectif plus ambitieux - un 100km dans la (...)  continue continue
  • Spectacle olympique

    16 août 2008, par Mentom
    Nicolas Sarkozy became the first world leader to suggest that he might boycott the Beijing Olympics yesterday as Britain and France increased the pressure on China over Tibet.
    President Sarkozy signalled that he may stay away from the opening ceremony in August unless the Chinese authorities exercised restraint in dealing with the Tibetan independence movement and opened talks with the Dalai Lama.
    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office yesterday hit out at China’s (...)  suite suite

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