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Mentom - Singapore 2012

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  • The end of cheap and good ?

    6 août 2008, par Mentom
    INFLATION figures in Singapore have hit record highs, with over 6 per cent reported for the first months, the highest for 25 years, and then holding at 7.5 per cent from April to June. This has surprised many Singaporeans, who wonder why it has happened and what to do about it.
    To some, it is a kind of opportunity. In May, I was in California with old friends who had emigrated and they told me how so many Singaporeans come to visit just to go shopping. Everything seems so cheap there, (...)  suite suite
  • Upper down under

    20 juillet 2008, par Mentom
    Time to revisit Australia - this time to Brisbane. What a relief to arrive in the cool australian "winter" - decent temperatures of around 20 degrees ! Some fellows already await me at the airport.
    First thing to do in the cold - to go for a long jog without suffocating and looking like a lobster just escaped from the boiling soup.
    At dusk return for a silent breakfast and a run in the Botanical Gardens - mangroves and jungle the middle of the city.
    Throwing away the breakfast wrappers (...)  suite suite
  • The secret of Monkey Island

    4 juillet 2008, par Mentom
    Ca vous dirait une semaine de vacances sympas pas tres loin ? A une heure de route de preference ? Pourquoi pas Borneo.
    Des touristes echoues sur une plage...plein de bateaux pour vous ramener dans les parcs nationaux pour "pas cher", par contre le retour...comme par hazard ils se rarifient et les tarifs se multiplient par cinq.. Pay or sleep with the crocodiles !
    Kuching est la capitale du Sarawak, qui est la partie malaysienne du Borneo. Ses composantes principales sont des palmiers et des (...)  suite suite
  • Nouvelles Territoires

    20 juin 2008, par Mentom
    Back to Hong Kong.
    It’s pollution.
    And towers.
    The crowds.
    Escalators and shopping centers.
    Sticky air.
    The noise of the city.
    Suburb trains.
    It’s skyscrapers.
    Just too much of all this.
    Bye bye civilization !  suite suite
  • Tea time

    4 juin 2008, par Mentom
    Time for a break, time for some very exotic destination ! What about taking a 15 hours flight to take a cup of tea ? Yes sure, this is London. And if only it would be a break - no again it’s all around the planet, just... for work.
    Don’t they all look the same ? Heading for a very important meeting lah. I forgot, Europe and especially London is very chilly cold. I am looking a bit ridiculous with my collection of short-slieve shirts...
    But enough spoken about business, time for the weekend (...)  suite suite

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