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Standard Chartered Singapore Half-marathon - dec 2010

Thursday 9 December 2010, by Mentom

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All runners: beeing jobless is probably a good way to prepare a race. My personal experience, since I have now left my work about three weeks ago. Before I attributed my more or less permanent fatigue to many factors; but in particular the age. Yeah, we are not getting any younger, normal what.. But after a couple of days, I could already feel a change. My eyes were not shutting down at 10pm, I kept beeing quite alert in the evening. In the morning, it happened to me to wake up (and actually stand up!) earlier then my alarm clock.

Seriously, give it a try. Just quit your job and see your running results improving.

So, although I had little preparation time in the past months, I felt not too destroyed when waking up another Sunday at 4am, getting ready for my 4th (time flies!) Standard Chartered Singapore Half Marathon. Finally, the organizers got my desperate message and changed the race route. It is kind of boring to run for years on the same track and you end up knowing each corner and turn. So it felt like a welcome fresh breeze when the departure was announced from the bridge to Sentosa instead of the usual Esplanade.

The full marathon and 10k runners started at different locations; and the finish was at the Padang. That involved certainly more complex logistics.

When looking at the race route, i had a little fear of congestion on Sentosa island, where the first 9K had to be run. I remembered some roads beeing quite narrow and therefore arrived well in time to be placed in front of the main pack.

Off went the start signal, immediately i had to start slaloming as expected. The first kilometer was therefore not very optimal. Thereafter the ranks started to clear and at kilometer 3-4 i could already run without any obstructed ways. The Sentosa loop was quite enjoyable, we woke up some sleepy birds on the way, who certainly wondered what this sudden stampede was all about. Surprise, at kilometer 6 we actually entered the Studios at Resort World Sentosa, that especially opened earlier for us! I ran past Shrek and some odd looking penguins, and a huge cheering crowd. It was certainly the most enjoyable experience in the race! The cheers literally carried me through, past Jurassic park and an Egypt temple with some fierce looking priests in front. I must have had a very silly smile on my face; so much I enjoyed the encouragements.

Once quit Sentosa, the timing was about what I expected, I could still run under two hours. There were much more up-and-downs this time, as compared to the usual race route. The pack now lightened further and i actually ran for a while alone, until joining a group of three-four runners in front of me. Entering the AYE was not so enjoyable. Cars and their pollution and heat coming directly in front, the sun rising - and finally the long and high bridge over the Marina bay, all this made i was very happy to clear off the highway.

With only 4km to go; the rest was formality. I accelerated a little to a still comfortable pace of less then 5mn15 per km, to cross the finish line in 1h57mn22sec; which gives me a good 291th place out of 11,000 runners.

This is closing the running season 2010 but not the training sessions. Since this year was quite successful; next year’s goal will be to run under 1h50 and into the Top 100. Resolution for 2011. Hopefully, by that time, i’ll have another job...


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