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  • 1000+

    21 May 2012, by Mentom
    No, the title of the post is not a hidden advertisement for 100 Plus drinks. It also unfortunately does not reflect my state of fitness in percent in view of the coming Sundown marathon next weekend. It just marks an event:
    I had my Garmin running watch replaced somewhere in the beginning of 2011, as it went a bit mad after two years of usage. I suspect Garmin never had those watches tested in the humid Singapore conditions of a run through tropical rain forest. Saying this, because my (...)  continue continue
  • 1km

    7 July 2011, by Mentom
    Last weekend I did something I haven’t done since my early childhood: walking on railway tracks. It brought back some distant happy child memories : memories of walking in a forest along old, rusty unused rails; already partly covered with vegetation.
    Now, Singapore is not exactly the place to re-live such experiences: there is little place for "old" here. Buildings having ten years or more are considered obsolete and whatever has a twenty years or more is scrapped in a snap to be able to (...)  continue continue
  • Year of the (gambling) Tiger

    13 May 2010, by Mentom
    Two weeks ago Singapore opened it’s second casino, since gambling has been legalized. The Marina Bay Sands adds from now on to impressive city skyline. One can question the endless construction sites all over the island, but I am still amazed about the speed things happen here in Asia. I remember the Marina Bay area just three years ago, when I arrived in Singapore.
    There was absolutely nothing on the southern side of the bay. Now, in this short period, a number of sky scrapers had been (...)  continue continue
  • Where does the money come from?

    31 January 2010, by Mentom
    Yesterday was a packed day : I showed around a friend who came for the first time to Singapore. In the morning we went for a small hike in the MacRitchie reservoir, watching animals and birds, and just enjoying the sounds of the forest and greenery.
    After a while, the discussion came (as often) to the point, how Singapore can function so well. In particular, having low income taxes, my friend asked, where does the money come from? I thought to myself "good question"; actually I realized I (...)  continue continue
  • Les bonnes resolutions 2010

    9 janvier 2010, par Mentom
    Une de mes principales resolutions pour la nouvelle annee est d’eviter la "procrastination" : de ne plus remettre des choses de la categorie "important mais pas urgent" toujours pour demain, jusqu’a ce que elles deviennent vraiment urgentes.
    Dans le passe, avec cette strategie, j’ai bien reussi a ne pas bien preparer mes courses a pied ("je peux aussi courir demain, le park est tellement loin aujourd’hui") ; de payer tres cher des billets de voyage ("mince il y a deux mois ce n’etait pas (...)  suite suite

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