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  • The Ancestor’s tale, Richard Dawkins

    2 December 2011, by Mentom
    After having slurped down my after-lunch coffee today, I rushed out of my home’s door just to miss the bus by seconds only. Sitting at the bus stop, melting in the sun and waiting for the next one (15 minutes to go!); I reflected about the changes happening to the daily routine since I opted out of the corporate work life, and instead to be so-called "independent" with my own schedule.
    Change number one, instead of the airport lounge, I am now waiting for my transport at the bus stop. No (...)  continue continue
  • Fooled by randomness, Nassim Taleb

    11 October 2010, by Mentom
    Earlier this year I developed a bad habit of not finishing books : i kind of read them half through and then let them aside; because I came across something more interesting. With exception of travel accounts about sea farers like Magellan; which may show what I am really interested in.
    So in the past months i made a conscious effort to close off some of those books in my bed chamber, with the objective of putting them back to the shelf. I also came across "Fooled by randomness", by Nassim (...)  continue continue
  • Measuring the World, Daniel Kehlmann

    14 June 2009, by Mentom
    This weekend I really took my time "off", what did not happen for a long period of time. I left the laptop and the cell phone in the suitcase, and went exploring some hiking trails on islands around Hong Kong. Taking my time sitting at remote beaches led to all sorts of reflections, some of which I decided to put into action, starting today.
    The first one was to always put some sun cream, even if the sky looks cloudy. I always forget that one and again I am looking at a lobster in my mirror (...)  continue continue
  • China-Schock, Frank Sieren

    14 mars 2009, par Mentom — 2 Messages de forum
    It is six in the morning, the taxi carries me through the dusty and silent streets of Shanghai. It is still winter outside, and both driver and me are wrapped in our coats - the cab’ window is not completely closed. We don’t talk : not much too say. I don’t speak Chinese and he doesn’t speak English. Looking at the empty highway, just here and there old men on bicycles and some Volkswagen taxis from the 80’s passing by, it is difficult to believe China is now one of the world’s economical (...) suite suite
  • The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins

    26 October 2008, by Mentom
    Dawkins’ book, writted and edited as early as 1976, is a new view on evolution, building upon Darwins theory but opening a totally new direction of thinking.
    Contrarily to what is taught to us in school, it is not the species as a whole entity that is struggling for survival, but everybody has his own battle.
    We are the vehicles for the selfish gene
    The most radical idea of Dawkins is, that we are only "vehicles" or "survivor roboters", blindly executing the orders that are programmed in (...)  continue continue

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