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  • Beat the sunrise (Singapore Sundown Marathon 2010)

    30 mai 2010, par Mentom
    Last year, on the last meters of my very first Marathon, i said to myself : "never again...". I still remember my day in bed with fever and the agony of the last kilometres ( walk ... crawl....).
    So, no surprise ; the lessons learnt were forgotten one week after, and I downloaded some training sheets from the Internet in the attempt to "prepare" and avoid the suffering again. I taped them into my wardrobe at the inside of the door, so that i can see them every day.
    The (...)  suite suite
  • North East Run, Singapore 2010

    21 March 2010, by Mentom — 2 Forum messages
    The year just started and we already passed mid March! I am doing steady progress with my marathon preparation, thanks to beeing almost relocated in KL and having a good training facility right under the hotel room : the KLCC park. That’s pretty much the only good thing to be working far from home again :(
    The first greater running challenge of the year, the 16km North East Run in Singapore, is now behind. It was a good fitness test for the upcoming Sundown Marathon, which is now only (...)  continue continue
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Half-marathon - dec 2009

    13 décembre 2009, par Mentom — 1 Message
    L’annee du ’champion’ s’est termine sur ce dernier semi-marathon, le Standard Chartered du Singapour. Je l’avais termine en 1h57 et une 547eme place sur 9000 coureurs l’annee derniere. Cette fois-ci, je me suis fait un programme, deja des mois en avance, pour suivre un entrainement plus soutenu et regulier : sortie longue le dimanche, et stade pendant la semaine.
    Le programme etait la, les bonnes resolutions aussi, ensuite est venu le travail et a rendu le plan quasimment impossible. Des (...)  suite suite
  • Two weeks away from the Standard Chartered Half 2009

    30 novembre 2009, par Mentom
    The last big race of the year is moving closer, and my new Garmin running watch reveals that the race will be "big" for some else. The preparation status is not the one of a champion :( Some 300 km since the purchase of the watch in July, that is an average of eventually 50 km per month. Sounds impressive, but that is coming down to only 12.5 km per week. Or one loop in the Bukit Timah reserve. Maybe good enough to finish the race another time below the pathetic 2 hours, but clearly not (...) suite suite
  • Singapore Army Half Marathon - August 2009

    24 August 2009, by Mentom
    The last weeks i kept practising more regularly - not only the long weekend runs but also some laps in the stadium. What a (undoubtedly) pleasure to let the alarm clock ring at 5.50am just to jump (crawl) out of your bed, searching the running shoes in the darkness.
    Anyway, last week was a good time to put my elaborate training plan to the test. I decided to run the Safra Army half marathon, but not at full speed : just to confirm my plan who told me that i can now get under 2 hours. Last (...)  continue continue

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