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  • ZhouZhuang - Venice of the East

    15 August 2009, by Mentom
    The working week is over, it is Friday evening and while having the unavoidable "TsingTao and beef spicy-very-spicy" dinner with the collegues, I meditate about what to do on the weekend in Shanghai. Staying in the dusty and sunburned city itself is not really an option, beside the heat and the pollution, I visited most of the city already. Then ... why not another weekend as a "tourist in the ancisent town"?
    Zhou Zhuang, the "water city", or also called the "Venice of the East", is a 90 (...)  continue continue
  • Quarantaine chinoise

    6 juin 2009, par Mentom — 1 Message
    En parcourant le journal "China Daily" dans l’avion entre Singapour et Shanghai, j’ai pris note de mon horoscope pour la semaine, qui m’a revele que les jours ne seront pas sans risques ; et leur recompenses ou consequences.
    Plutot des recompenses ; je me dis en me recouchant, alors que l’avion entamait sa descente vers l’aeroport de Shanghai. Par chance, j’ai ete reclasse en business class comme l’avion etait complet. J’etais bien content de m’etendre sur un lit a peine 48 heures apres mon (...)  suite suite
  • Hungry ghosts getting ecological

    5 octobre 2008, par Mentom
    This time of the year we are rushing from Holiday to Holiday. Just finished off with the Ramadan, already looking forward to the Hindi Deepavali ("festival of light"). And some weeks ago, all Singapore was beeing hold up by an army of Hungry Ghosts.
    This popular chinese celebration happens on the 7th month of the lunar calendar, and is taken very seriously in China, Taiwan and Singapore. It is believed by the Chinese that during this month, the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry (...)  suite suite
  • Spectacle olympique

    16 août 2008, par Mentom
    Nicolas Sarkozy became the first world leader to suggest that he might boycott the Beijing Olympics yesterday as Britain and France increased the pressure on China over Tibet.
    President Sarkozy signalled that he may stay away from the opening ceremony in August unless the Chinese authorities exercised restraint in dealing with the Tibetan independence movement and opened talks with the Dalai Lama.
    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office yesterday hit out at China’s (...)  suite suite
  • Escaped from Shanghai

    3 avril 2008, par Mentom
    C’est sans specialement beaucoup de regrets que j’annonce au taxi-driver "Pudong Airport, xie xie". Apres quasimment deux mois a Shanghai je suis assez content de repartir - sans doute du aux horaires de travail en grande partie, qui ne m’ont pas vraiment permis de visiter et apprecier ; "vivre" cette ville.
    L’autre grand "moins" est sans doute l’absence quasi-totale de "nature" en ville - le peu d’arbres qu’on voit sont couverts de poussiere et donnent l’impression qu’ils vivent leur (...)  suite suite

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